Hello there and welcome to your  midweek.
I don't know about you guys, but a the bit of nice weather that we have had here has been a huge moral boost for me.
It's made me reflect on some of the things from this quarantine that have not been all together awful. In fact, there are a few things from quarantine that I hope to continue to do once life has returned back to "normal". 

  • FaceTime with my friends

This has been a Godsend. I've faced timed with a different friend every day of the last week.
In day to day life before this, I'd always wait until we could "Get together" . which, I cannot wait to do again. However, there is no reason we cannot Facetime on a random Monday night. I think in the past I'd think "Oh , I look AWFUL right now!" and therefor not want to do it. However, going months without getting your hair or nails done, no workouts, no facials, etc has been VERY humbling. Its also driven home what is truly important-human connection.

  • Date Nights At Home

I absolutely cannot wait to go out with my husband again. I cannot wait to go to restaurants and all the other places. Sill though, we've really come to love a great date night in. We'll order takeout from a restaurant that we love, get a good bottle of wine and have ourselves a great night.
No waiting for a table, no side eye from a server who is trying their best to turn the table.

  • Experimenting With New Beauty Products And Looks

I had mentioned before Read it HERE that during this quarantine I'd been trying different ways of wearing my hair and makeup, along with purchasing new (less expensive) products. It started as "What do I have to lose, if this comes out awful, nobody will see me?'
It was a very happy surprise to discover my new HG hair product, along with some styles that I never would of otherwise tried. Also, I've tried styling my clothes in ways I otherwise wouldn't of tried.

  •  Try Cooking New Dishes

Granted, I've always loved to cook. Yet, being forced to cook constantly has motivated me to try dishes that I otherwise never had.  Its always been better to "play it safe" and make meals that I knew I could prepare really well when we were having company. All of the stuff that I wanted to "try soon" I'm trying now!

  • Keep At My French 

I had mentioned around New Years Read It Here how I was using Dualingo to start re-taking my French lessons.
Dualingo is such a fantastic way to learn a new language. I've leaned more in these 5 months than I did over the course of 6 years in school.
Find Dualingo HERE . Of course, it French isn't your thing, they have lessons for many other langues.

So, these are the things from quarantine that I've decided to keep in my life once this is all over.
What about you? Are there things that are now a part of your life that you are really enjoying?
If so, I'd like to know about them!



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