Hello Mes Amies, how are you all hanging in?  This is the end of week two or is it three of our new "normal"? I truly do not even know right now.

Today's post is a follow up to Wednesday's.
Many of you (including me) Have gotten kind of tired with the no-makeup routine that has been our new norm.

On Wednesday, we talked about how to extend the like of the cosmetics that you currently have. Today, we are going to talk about where you can still get cosmetics from when you absolutely need them.
I understand that places like Target and CVS are still open. However, it would be beyond  irresponsible to go out for cosmetics right now. Literally, people around us are DYING from Covid-19.
It is our duty to #stayhome. There is no lip gloss, nail polish or primer that is worth going out for.

Last week, I reached out to a bunch of different companies to see what their shipping windows are at this point. Before we go any further, I want to point out that when I receive packages, I leave them on my porch for a full day. As off now, the CDC is saying that this virus can survive on cardboard for 24 hours. You cannot be too safe.

While Target's typical 2-day shipping isn't happening right now, they are still delivering within a week to ten days.
You might be surprised to know that on Target's web page the offer far more brands than they do in the stores. On their website there are actually many prestige brands as well. I had placed a Target order on Saturday and it was delivered on Thusday.

Nordstrom, where would I be without you?  Honestly, I've been purchasing more and more of my cosmetics from here. If I were not intent on keeping my VIB Rouge status (Hello, free makeup applications by actual makeup artists ANYTIME I want) I'd probably get 99%  of my beauty purchases here.
As of this post being published, shipping times are 7-14 business days. Still, not to shabby.

According to Ulta Customer service, they are still shipping in a 3-8 business day window.
Ulta also seems to be pretty fully stocked on line for both their prestige and drug store brands.

One of my favorite brands, NYX is shipping within 3-7 business days for alll orders placed by 2:00 PM Eastern time.
If you are on the fence as to what to try from NYX read here : My Nyx Picks  

This next one came as a surprise to me... QVC. Yes, that TV station tat your Nana loved.
They have a full website of cosmetics and beauty tools. Most of them are priced less than retail. According to the customer service, everything ships with in three days.

QVC Beauty

Last , but not least is Clinique

This one is special to me. Clinique was the first makeup that I ever used. When I was in junior high and I high school I bought so much Clinique that the ladies who worked at the counter that I went to would buy me birthday presents. I never stopped wearing Clinique, but as I got older, I was wooed by other brands. Recently, I saw that Clinique was doing a special where they would send you two full size products with and $100 purchase. I jumped at that offer. I was surprised when 6 days later, the package was at my house. Shop Clinique directly here :   Clinique.com  

Okay, I hope this helps. Remember though, the health and safety of you and everyone else comes before makeup and beauty.  Health and safety will always come before beauty.

Stay well friends.



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