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April 15, 2020 in

Hi there, in case you'd lost track, today is Wednesday.  I know, it's all one big blur. This is not how I envisioned spring of 2020. This is not how ANYONE envisioned spring of 2020.
One happy distraction that I've had has been reading all of my favorite blogs.
I have learned (the hard way) that I have to keep some sort of a routine.  So, when I saw Cassie from "Hi Sugarplum!' put up This Post a couple of weeks ago, it spoke to me! She inspired me (as she has countless times before) to really think about my quick & easy quarantine face. No winged liner, no contour....just the few things that I can throw on to look and feel more like me.
Cassie featured a 3 minute face on her post. Mine is more 5-7 minutes.
 For fun, a couple of time I did a "full face". It was fun while I was was doing it. However, it ended up reminding me that I literally had no where to go. In the end, that left me feeling crummy.
I've realized that a minimum bit of makeup is good. Just enough to help feel a bit more together.
This is my streamlined beauty routine. I'd love to hear about yours.

The first thing I use is Clinique's 1.0  Clarifying LotionFind It Here

Before I do anything, I wipe this on my face. It gets rid of any dirt or oil that's on my skin.
I use the 1.0 version because my skin is very dry.
However, there are different formulas for different skin tones.

Then, it's time to moisturize.  Again, my skin is VERY dry, so I use a heavy moisturizer. Right now, I'm loving Clinique's 72 Hour Moisture Surge   Find It Here

As of writing this, this product has almost 800 5-STAR reviews on Sephora's web site. Its so good.

After that, I use another Clinique product to a quick, light lining of my eyes. Their Quick Liner is perfect for a quick and easy application .   Find It Here
A little bit of this on my top and bottom lash line makes for a world of difference. 

I used this in conjunction with Benefit's Roller Eye Bright PenciFind It Here

I have talked about this little wonder product before Read It Here .
I've never before knew of a product that didn't look like you were wearing it, yet it makes allllllll the difference.

Now, we are moving on from Clinique (but clearly, I DO love Clinique).  I ever so slightly enhance my brows with Urban Decay's Brow Blade  Find It Here

 Getting my brows microbladed was one of the BEST beauty investments that I have ever made. It has been such a time saver. I do still go over them lightly with Urban Decay's Brow Blade.

I had a coat or two of my ALL time favorite mascara, IT Blowout Mascara  Find It Here

This stuff, I cannot stress how much I love it. Its $25 and worth every cent.  You'll want to extend the life of your mascara. To learn how to do that, Read Here

Most days, my dark circles are in full force. This is the best weapon in my arsenal.  Its Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat Brightening Pen    Find It Here

This isn't some heavy, baking/contouring concealer. This looks like skin, albeit skin that does not have dark circles.

Lastly, I'll put on a dab of blush. A little bit of pink in the cheeks makes me feel more "healthy" looking. Again, we are back to Clinique, namely their Color Pop Blush Find It Here

Just a little bit makes me look and feel better.

Start to finish, this routine takes no longer than 5 or so minutes.

What is your makeup routine nowadays? I'd love to know.



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