My Best Beauty Secrets

February 24, 2020 in

Welcome to a new week, mes amies! It's me that annoying person who loves mornings and Mondays.

Anyhow, I thought today I'd pull back the curtains and show you guys my best beauty tips and tricks. These are the things and products that I do and use everyday to put my best face forward. Remember kids, sharing is caring. So, don't be afraid to share your best tips with me too!

First up is a "mens" product.
Clinique for Men Face Bronzer Gel     Find it HERE

This is not a sunless tanner. It comes off with each wash, so there is no risk. I described it on Insta like this "This gives you color that says, I took a nice long walk on a sunny afternoon in May." 
this time of year , especially most of us want to warm & brighten our complexion up a bit. I absolutely love this for doing just that.

Next on our list of secrets....good 'ol coconut oil
Find it at your grocery store in the baking isle. Normally for less than $10.00 .
After I get out of the shower and am freshly shaved , I put this on over my body lotion. It makes my legs so soft and smooth. It absorbs in quickly into the skin and provides an added barrier of protection.

Moving along... Benefit's Roller Eye Bright Pencil Find it HERE
The main purpose of this cosmetic is to make you look more awake. It really does a great job of it too.
However, what I really love about this is how BIG it makes my eyes look. You put it right on your
lower water line.
It was this professional MUA who first used this product on me. I've been hooked ever since.

This next one is one of my favorites. I buy a BIG bottle of Johnson's Baby Lotion
I sprits a few sprays of whatever perfume I'm wearing that day into a palm -full of this lotion.I then put the lotion all over my body.
It gives added moisture, which my skin craves, but also helps my perfume to linger all day. Its a win-win.

I know that I'm one of the few people who hasn't jumped on board the lash extension train. I know that I'm in the minority, but they just are not for me (Yes, I have had them before). I do not like being limited as to what eyeliner and eye-make up remover which I can wear. Plus, when they need to be refilled, they look like bloody hell. There is no getting round that. 
Enter in  Ardell 110 Natural Get them HERE

When they are on, they don't look like false lashes. They look like you are one of those babes  who has long, beautiful lashes naturally. 
That is another reason why I prefer these babies over lash extensions. I can wear these during the day and or put on a m ore 'dramatic' pair at night.

Swap your hair towel for a t-shirt
Doing this cuts down on frizz and breakage. It really works.

When applying perfume, just tap your wrists, DO NOT rub them together. Tapping them will transfer the fragrance so that it is on both wrists. However, rubbing your wrists together breaks the fragrance down causing it to wear off   much sooner than it otherwise would.

And lastly, mix a dash of sugar to a bit of vasaline for the best lip scrub ever. Please, do not waste your hard earned money on lip scrubs, Its a waste and a gimmick. Vasaline and sugar does the job perfectly!

Do tell, what are your best beauty tricks and tips?


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