Hello, how was your weekend?  Yesterday was my wedding anniversary! I'm a very lucky girl. I know this well.

As you guys know, I'm a big fan of faux-glowing. (Read This and This ) I'm not going to do anything to speed up the aging process, yet I don't want to be pale either.

For years I've heard about Bondi Sands. It was this epic sunless tanner that was only available in Australia. In the various beauty mags I read, all of the beauty editors and MUA's would always encourage anyone who was traveling to Australia to buy as many bottles as they could to bring home.

I'd watch Aussie ladies on Youtube show off their Bondi Sands sunless tan. I was intrigued and envious. 

This past February, I opened up my Gmail in box one day. I read the top email and shirked in delight. Guess what the email said?  Bondi Sands was now being exported to United States! I whipped out my credit card and bought a bottle right then and there.

I did my first application last night and I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you. For reference, I bought the Ultra Dark ( of coarse I did) foam.

  • First point worth noting is that this smells NOTHING like sunless tanner. It smells like coconut tanning lotion.

  • It dries SO quickly. There was no sitting around feeling sticky.

  • The color that I got was the deepest/darkest that I've ever been. My boss who is full blooded Italian said "You are as dark as I get in the summer!"

The bottle recommends putting one layer on, waiting 30 minutes and putting another layer on. That's exactly what I did.

An interesting point...Today my boss treated my friend and I to a surprise pedicure (Yes, I work for the best person ever.) I was expecting to loose a bunch of the tan during this process, as they exfoliate your legs. I was so surprised , but NOTHING came off. 

Obviously, I can't say how it will wear yet. However, I'm completely sold on this stuff so far. Baring it wearing off too quickly/overall splotchy I have a new favorite!

Here is a link to their website Bondi Sands
All first time orders get 20% off.
Also, I hear that Bondi Sands is being carried in Wal-Greens. I have not seen it there yet myself, but I do hope that's true.



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