Love Day Outfit Inspo

February 06, 2019 in

Well hello!
Valentine's day is just around the corner. Here in New England, Valentine's Day has always symbolized the start of the END of winter. Well, to me at least it has.
I'm not one to be cutesy and dress to each holiday. Well, except for the 4th Of July. I go ALLLLLLL out for the 4th Of July. Its my favorite day of the entire year. I'll get into that in a few months ;)
I do tend to ''Shop" for Valentine's Day though. I look at it as a way to step away from the black and grays of winter.
I figured it might be fun to round up  a few outfits. Maybe you are doing a big date night, maybe a galentine's brunch is more your speed. Either way, lets get out of the dark, dreary clothes for a few hours, shall we?

Cherry Wrap Dress   $118.00

How pretty is this dress?! The jersey material looks so comfy and we all know how this wrap style of dress flatters most every body type.

Pink BodyCon Dress      $33.60

This dress! This price! As of writing this, all sizes with the exception of XXL are in stock! Long after Valentine's day this will look great at the office with a blazer thrown over it. Or, make it casual this summer with a cute paid of wedges or Jack Rogers.

Key Hole Dress                 $22.99

Y'all (Can I say y'all if I'm from the north?)  Most weeks, I spend more on coffee than this dress costs.  ($6.50 x 7 = Darn it, Starbucks!)  Plus, it looks so loose and comfy. It might just help you hide the dessert you and your honey might split.

Lace Top          $34.00

So romantic! This is so pretty. Its clearly adorable with jeans. I'm thinking it would also look great dressed up.


Heart Sweater    $28.98

Please pardon this picture! Figures, I have to use this photo after recently writing about the problem of overly edited photos .
I did purchase this one myself though, I assure you- It looks good in real life. Also, its so soft and cozy! I'm tempted to also get the white one with the red heart.
If my face were not all banged up and bruised, I'd snap a few pictures of me wearing it.

So, that's it from me for suggestions. What do you do for Valentine's day?


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