Hi there!
Looks like another weekend has snuck up on us.
I'm planning on cooking a nice dinner for my hubby & I tonight. I'm just not in a mood for "going out" just yet. I'm still coming down from the whirl wind of the holiday season.
Any-who.. Sephora is having an end of season sale right now. No, this is not turning into a shopping blog. As always, I DO NOT MAKE ANY INCOME off of anything I post here. This is just me sharing direct links to things that might be of use.
Getting back on topic. I understand most of us are not up for more shopping right now. I'm right there with you. I was just saying to my husband 'I don't want to step foot in a store again until at least 2 months from now."
However, you might have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket. Or, you might need some new make up. If I were looking to stock up, this is what I'd be buying from this sale.

  •  Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid  Purchase Here   
The normal price is $28.00 and its on sale for $14.00 .
 This gives you that "Glow from within" look. If you are not inclined to do a full face of contouring, this is for you. You still get the highlighting aspect without a highlighter. Put it on under your foundation, over your foundation , or with no foundation at all.

The normal price is $25.00 and its on sale for $12.00.
Where do I begin with how amazing this stuff is? I've sung its praises before. Read about it Here and Here . Long story short, the color is amazing and it fades like a real tan #nosplotching.

The regular price is $60.00 and its now $30.00
I have this. I bought it at $60. Do I wish I got the sale price, of course. Still though, I'm not mad. This is such a deal. It's 8 pairs of great quality lashes. Individually, they sell for $15-$18/pair. #worthit

Regular price is $42.00 Sale price of $29.00
These FX drops are magic. They are the all around BEST highlighter that I've EVER used. A little goes a long way. Once applied, it absorbs into the skin. You are not left with a streak of highlighter, but almost a holographic feel to your skin.

Regular Price $18.00 Sale Price $9.00
This is a long lasting lip liner that applies evenly. There is a HUGE color selection, all of which are half off.   PSA: DO NOT OVER LINE YOUR LIPS. It doesn't make your lips look larger.

Regular Price $15.00 Sale Price: $9.00
The last one on today's list is another one that I organically bought at full price. Yet again #iaintevenmad . This is a fantastic little tool for your blowouts. Its ideal for adding some lift and volume to your crown. Its a steal coming in less than ten dollars.

Well there you have them, my suggestions. When Sephora does these sales, things sell out quickly. So, if anything I've linked is out of stock when you are reading this, please accept my apologies. As of when I'm writing this, everything here is still in stock. There is no telling how long that will remain true though.

I hope you have an amazing weekend! 
Till next time Gorgeous!


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