Happy Friday friends! Happy rainy Friday if you are here in New England.

So, Monday is October first #howdidthathappen . I know that I'm supposed to #lovefall. Its what Instagram tells me. I'm supposed to love cool nights, hoodies and camp fires. Well, I guess I failed. I don't love any of that. What I DO love is summer. I love 5:00 am sun rises, 90 degree days and the scent of Coconut sunscreen. However, summer is over for this year. Whining will not change that. In regards to my beauty routine, there ARE some things that I truly look forward to. So, for the sake of staying in a positive mindset, let's live there for a tad!

1) Good hair weather
The humidity is mostly gone at this point. That means that the frizz is gone as well. It's so much easier to style/blow out hair now. 

2) Dark Mani/Pedi's

All spring and summer long, I do light nudes on my hands and brights such as coral and fuchsia on my toes.
Once the air gets its chill, I take that as my cue to switch over to shades such as OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark." I don't know why, but I've always gravitated toward these shades.

3) No more time or money spent on sunless tanning
I've made no secret about the fact that I am a sunless tan devotee. Starting in late March, I sunless tan 2-3 per week for the entire season. (To read more about that, click HereHere ). Like I have said before though, if you ARE going to sunless tan, its a time investment. Each time I do it, its a 20-30 minute process. I'm happy to be free of that for now.

4) No more worrying about makeup sweating or smearing off. 
Its inevitable , when the mercury hits 90+ ( or lower) you'll sweat. For sure some cosmetics do a better job of standing up to the summer weather than others (A post for next spring perhaps??) . Regardless though, June- September I find myself having my makeup being a causality to the summer heat. I'm happy to not deal with any of that for a few months.

That's it for today. I hope everyone has a phenomenal October. 
What are you looking forward too this fall?
I'd love to know!



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