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I am not on TikTok , however, I find that I cannot escape it. I have seen that one of the "latest & greatest" fads on the platform is the "underpaining trend." I'm sure there are many folks who think that this type of makeup application was born from social media. Au contraire, this is an age old technique that is being rediscovered by the younger generation.

If you are unfamiliar, underpainting is a technique of make-up application  that involves applying contour, blush and highlighter under the foundation, not on top of the foundation as is done in standard makeup application.

Here in the year 2022, that heavy "Kardashianesq" contour look from 2016 is as dated as blue eyeshadow and "mall bangs". Underpainting is a subtle way to add dimension to your face without having those unsightly stipes of color that are indicative of traditional contouring. 

Underpainting gives a lovely "Glow from within" finish to the skin. Its a very understated and natural looking way of wearing your makeup.

There is a very good chance that you already own everything that you'd need in order to try underpainting.

In my opinion, they key to making this work is using liquid, not powder based products. Here are the exact products that I used.

How to nail the technique:

Start with clean, well moisturized skin. This is the moisturizer that I start with. After you have moisturized, you'll want to apply a primer that will help the blush, contour and highlight really grip on. Remember, there products are not necessarily created to be applied directly onto the skin. A good primer will make all the difference. This Primer is the best I've ever used. If they sold it by the gallon, I'd purchase it that way.

Once you are moisturized and primed, go in with your bronzer, blush and highlighter. Use a heavy hand. Warning, it WILL look garish. Don't stress though, once you apply and blend your foundation, it will look amazing.

Lightly apply foundation all over your skin. Take a substantially damp Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge and start blending. Its important to mention, you'll need to use a lighter weight foundation. If you  are using something full coverage, you'll cover over the blush, contour and highlighter.

After you have applied and blended your foundation, top off the whole look with a light veil of setting powder. This one by Fenty is my favorite. It helps lock makeup in place without settling in fine lines.

This tutorial is the one that I used while learning the ropes of this technique. This tutorial is to the point and easy to follow along with.

That is all that I have for you today, friends! Have a wonderful weekend!



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