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How is everyone doing today? This past weekend we had our 1st 90 degree day, it was glorious. 
I posted the above photo to my Instagram. I had several people tell me how back in the day they used to make their own cutoffs. That got me thinking.... what a great way to repurpose those (hopelessly out of style) skinny jeans! I dug through and found a pair laying around that I had yet to donate and decided to give it a try. It really was a simple process.

Step 1:
Put on your jeans. Use a pencil or a piece of chalk to mark where you think you'd like the jeans to hit once they are shorts. 

Step 2:
Take them off and lay them on a flat surface. Find a pair of shorts that you really like the length. put these on top of the jeans aligning the waist bands. See where the shorts fall in accordance to the initial line you made. Make your decision as to where you want to make the cut.

Step 3: Use a ruler to make a straight line with your chalk or pencil 2.5 inches or so BELOW where you want your shorts to hit on your leg. Remember, you can always take more off, but you are unable to add it back once you snip it.

Step 4: Put them back on and fold up those last 2.5 inches. Decide is this still where you want them to hit.  If you like the cuffed look, great! All you have to do now is iron the cuffs into place and your done! If you want them frayed there are two more steps to follow.

Step 5: Take them back off and fold vertically so the legs are onto of each other. Make the last cut (both legs at the same time) at a slight an angle.
 You'll want the inseam of your shorts to roughly be 1.5 inches or so lower than the outer seam. Take any straight surface and eyeball a straight line from the mark on the outer leg to the inner seam, and make a dot there. Next, measure  1.5 inches below that dot, and make a mark there. Lastly, using the straight surface to actually draw a final cut line from the original mark on the outer leg to the new, lower mark on the inner leg.

After you go ahead and cut along that line, try them on and see how they look. If they feel too snug in the legs (it is skinny jeans we are talking about) make a slight snip in the inner seam of each leg. Once you put them through the washer and dryer, they'll get that frayed look.

If you are thinking "GIRL, I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS" , I got you. Click the links below for the most perfect, premade cutoffs!

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