Hello! Who's ready to talk hair today? You know that is a favorite topic around these parts!

More specifically I wanted to talk to you about Lamellar Waters. "What is this?" you might be asking. Lamellar water is a water based hair treatment. Because its water based its very light weight and able to penetrate your hair shaft much quicker and arguably more effectively than some products that are thicker and heavier.  Lamellars are able to deposit their active ingredients (normally hydrating and repairing agents) to the specific parts of each hair strand that needs it. Where these products are water based , they are not heavy. They will not weigh your hair down. 

The benefits over traditional hair masks are these, Lamellars are faster working, no need to sit for 30+ minutes with a hair mask on. These work in under 2 minutes. These don't weight down fine hair. The repair approach is far more targeted and really gets to the damaged parts of your hair.

Now that we got all of that out of the way... 

I own both of the Lamellar Waters in the photo at the top of this post. The first one is  by Kerastase and the second one is by L'Oreal.

I immediately though of how Kerastase is owned by L'Oreal. I couldn't help but wonder "Are these the same product?" I knew I wanted to try using both of them for a couple of weeks and see.

Long story short....to me, yes. Yes, these products are nearly identical and do the same thing and delivery the same levels of results.

I used each of these 2X/week for three consecutive weeks. I  took a one week break in-between each of them.

Both of these made my hair shine like it hasn't in YEARS. (Think of how healthy a child's hair typically is.) 
Both help stave off frizz and cut down on drying time. Both made my hair feel strong and helped me to notice FAR less brakeage.

The only discernable difference that I could find was the scent. One was not "better" or "worse" in my opinion. They are just have different fragrance. 
While I do love both of these, its the L'Oreal one that I will be repurchasing. I cannot justify spending $53 one the Kerastase product when the L'oreal one is $7.00.
If you guys have been here for a minute, you KNOW how much I love my high-end boujee beauty products. I find any excuse to buy them. I do LOVE Kerastase, that won't change. However, this time its the drug store product that wins out! 



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