Leaning Into Leather

February 04, 2022 in


Happy Friday!

How are you all doing today? Its cold, nasty & rainy here today. I cannot wait for winter to be over.

Leggings have long become part of what is considered "normal attire". No longer relegated to the "lounge wear" category, leggings are not just acceptable, but downright stylish in settings where only a few years back they would be considered a no-no. ( I'm looking at you office & date night)

Traditional leggings can often look very lax. Not that that is a bad thing, its not. How do you elevate them? Enter in the (faux) leather legging. Just as comfortable as their cotton/spandex counterparts, the leather legging hints at sophistication. The leather legging makes it look as if you have "put some effort in", even though you'll be as comfortable as if you were wearing your favorite lounge wear.

Here are the Leggings That I am Wearing

I love these because they are also shapewear. Wearing a leather legging was a bit nerve racking for me at first. Having a pair that lifts and shapes made me feel more confident. 

This pair by Nordstrom's BP brand is only $24! The price might be low, but the quality is high.

An alternative to the leather legging, is the leather trouser.

Just as the fashion temperature of the moment has (finally, IMO) left skinny jeans in the dust, we are seeing leather pants in all cuts and shapes having a moment in the sun. 

This adorable option is only $20.00.  An inexpensive and safe way to dip your toes into the waters of leather pants.

What do you think? Are you on board this trend?



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