Two New Hair Game Changers

January 11, 2022 in


Hello! How is 2022 treating you so far?

All is good here, but man it is COLD. I know, I know...its New England in the winter, but its cold even for us.

Anyhow, over the last few weeks I have found a new hair product and a new hair styling product.

Both are SO good, that I have to share with you. These are both "affordable" too! Both of these can be found at your local Target or Wal-mart.

I don't even know where to start here. This product is a miraculous hair wonder. No, I'm not exaggerating for effect here.
This is a new (to me?) product. Its not a conditioner or a mask. Its a Lamellar Hair Treatment. What does that mean? Its a liquid that targets only the damage on your hair. If a part of the hair is not damaged, it doesn't deposit there, only where its needed.
This stuff is like nothing I've EVER used. After the first time, my hair felt like it did back when I was in my teens, long before it was forced to endure years of abuse. This works on ALL hair types and textures. It costs under $10 and as of the time I'm writing this, it has over 19,000 5 -star reviews on Amazon.

Some folks are super skilled with hair tools. They can do beachy waves, bouncy curls or a perfect blowout with ease.
I am not one of them. So often when I go to curl my hair, it ends up looking like a "mom curl".  i.e ...fussy, dated curls like your mom wore in the late 80's.
This tool makes even a hack like me look like I know what I'm doing. This gadget straightens, waves or curls. Its part flat iron, part curling wand in one tool. 
to straighten, you just glide is straight down your hair shaft. To wave your hair you twist it and glide it down your hair quickly. To curl, you twist it and glide it down your hair slowly. It really does what they claim it will do.
For the first time on my own, I had perfect, lived in waves. 
This was only $30! I'm really shocked that this didn't come from one of the super expensive brands. Hey, we'll take the win, right!?

Okay, ta-ta for today!



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