The Power Of Planning

January 17, 2022 in


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Happy Monday, Mes Amies! Here we are 1/2 through with January.  Hopefully, you are still in the mindset of "New Year, new start". If so, Today's post is for you. Conversely, if you feel as if you are already starting to "fall off" from your resolutions, today's post is REALLY for you.

Over the past year, I have changed my life so much in so many ways. All for the better, I might add too. This isn't to toot my own horn. It is to share with you what I learned along the way, so hopefully you'll learn it sooner than I did.

I don't want to over simplify things here, there are many facets that go into changing things and yourself. However, by and large the single biggest factor has been planning.

Yes, I know. It sounds to simplistic... but hear me out.

For most of us, we go through life tending to things as they come.  We decide what we are going to have for dinner at 4:30 pm day of, we decide what we will wear when we should of already been out the door, we check to see what is in our account right before the bill is due. Living like this is the most surefire way to assure that your won't obtain a single goal that you set for yourself. 

Let's use the example of someone who is hoping to loose weight. Let's pretend that they don't plan in advance. Fitness and exercise is left to when they "feel like it". When they get hungry, they reach for what is that is closest and fastest regardless of its nutritional value.

When I decided that I needed to turn my health and fitness around, I planned a week in advance which 5 days I would be working out. I planned what workout I would be doing on those days and at what time. I planned out all 3 meals a week in advance along with what snacks I'd have. Every other week , I have a "celebration meal" (What some folks call a "cheat meal") I plan that out as well.
All of the temptation and excuses to derail have been removed.

Planning will literally change each and ever facet of you life when you apply it.
It could be something as simple as seeing a hamper full of dirty clothing gives you anxiety. Planning out each week a 2-3 hour block when you'll do laundry fully removes that stressor.  

If you work outside of the home, this is so key. At my office I block off when I'll be responding to emails, when I'll be writing contracts, when I'll be making client calls. If I were attempting to do everything as it came in, I'd be left feeling so stressed and overwhelmed. 

I can't encourage you strongly enough to give this a try. Start small. When you do your grocery shopping, plan an entire week's worth of meals. Get it done and over with. You'll be happy later in the week when you don't need to run to the store.

Planning things out is the bridge from where you are not to where you want to be.



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