Winter Glow-up Guide

December 15, 2021


We are a mere week away from the winter solstice.  

Just because the cold weather is upon us doesn't mean that we need to give up the ship regarding our beauty routine. 

For me, its SO much easier to feel pretty and dolled up in the warmer months.  (faux) Sun kissed skin, a pop of color pedicure are all easy fixes to up ones beauty game.  It might be a bit harder this time of year, but all is not lost. Today, I have a few ideas to help you stay feeling pretty all winter long.

1) A Winter style Faux tan..

A fake tan this time of year looks as phony as a three dollar bill and as out of place as a fish on a bicycle. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot give your skin a little warmth and "glow". Instead of using a traditional sunless tanner, try using a gradual formula. My personal favorite is Tan-Luxe "The Gradual" . This tanner does provide a bit of color. More so, it gives you and illuminous glow and is SUPER hydrating. It dries almost instantly, which is key this time of year as you probably don't want to sit around in a tank top waiting for a tanner to dry. Adding just a bit of warmth to your skin this time of year has a big impact.

2) Natural Looking False Lashes

False lashes can actually help your lashes. Mascara gets hard and dry. It can snap your eye lashes. Aside from that, applying them is often faster than putting on eyeliner and mascara. If you are looking for an extra few minutes in that warm bed before being hit with that cold morning air, falsies might be just what you need.

3)  A strong Deep Conditioner

The cold dry air wreaks absolute havoc on your hair. Being inside with the heat on is no prize either. Did you ever notice how you don't get static electricity hair in July, but you do in January? Help your hair by applying a moisturizing deep conditioner at least once a week.

4) A Hair Gloss
Again, this cold weather and artificially forced hot air are so drying and lead to dull hair.
Using a gloss will help fight this. Having your hair feeling soft and looking glossy is surely glow-up status.

5) Whiten up Those Teeth

Have you had a few glasses of red wine this winter? Are you using hot coffee in the morning to ease that winter morning chill? All of these things can dull your smile. Whitening your teeth has such a huge impact. Plus, it makes you want to smile more.
This Inexpensive Pen is very affordable and has VERY high ratings.

6) Old Fashioned Rollers

I feel as if we've talked quite a bit about winter hair here today. For good reason though. Winter is just brutal on your hair. It gets flat and full of static. 
Putting a few Velcro rollers in give you bounce and volume without any heat damage.
I don't know this for fact, but I'd bet you the farm that This Set Of Rollers are the EXACT same ones that are sold by that "opposite of wet" blow-out bar.  Only here you get 36 of them for less than the cost of a 4 pack at the "Opposite of wet" bar.

Now, its your turn. You tell me what you do to glow up in the winter.



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