Hello!! I'm so proud of the fact that I was able yo get the 'ol lap top fired up in order to bring you this post.

This post here is to pick up where we left of last week. We've all be in the situation where someone is asking you what you'd like this year for a gift. The question catches you off guard. You hem and haw and say "umm". The person who wants to get you a gift is still at a loss trying to figure out what to get you.

Last week, I suggested a few things that were more on the "splurge" side of things. Something that you might ask for from your spouse. Today, we'll look at a few ideas that are equally as awesome and on the bargain side of things.

1) Personalized, Handmade Jewelry

There are so many amazingly talented people out there. They pour their heart and souls into their passion. Wouldn't your rather support them? I know I would.

2) A Super Comfy Lounge Set

This set is SO comfortable. I love sitting around in this drinking coffee. I'm ordering it in more colors before the warm weather comes back.

3) Maybelline Nude Palettes

I love my boujee makeup. I almost always opt for the high-end stuff.
However, these palettes from Maybelline are some of my favorites. The color, the formula, the payoff, I LOVE them. Plus, they are only $10.00 each. You can get all 3 palettes for the price of one prestige palette.

4) One Step Styler

This tool has a cult like following and for good reason. You can give yourself a salon like blowout in all of 15 minutes or less. Full disclosure, I have this and the Dyson airwrap. I use this twice as often as I use that.

5) Adorable Jogger Set

Leopard is my favorite color. My mom still teases me about how I have always gravitated to leopard anything. When I saw this jogger set, I had to have it. Its so soft and warm. You can get both the top and bottom for $30.

6) 5-Piece Bracelet Set

These bracelets are so much less expensive than the look. They are stretchy so no matter what your wrist size is, they will fit.

Okay, that is that! Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas!




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