November Needs

November 10, 2021


Hi there!

Remember me? Things are so busy here. Still though, I couldn't not come on here and show you some of the best things that I have found and am loving this month. The field is wide this month, so lets get going!

If you know me, you know that I'm such a lover of shoes. Its OUT.OF. HAND. I bought two new pairs of boots and I'm obsessed with both.

Comfort and warmth for DAYS is what you get with these! This is my 6th pair of Sorel Boots. They are so well made, very stylish and functional. They are waterproof, have great traction and can handle the exact type of weather that a New England winter dishes out.

I LOVE these booties. I love them so much. I tried hard to talk myself out of these. Boy, am I glad that I didn't listen. They just have such a cool vibe. I pair these with distressed jeans, a leather jacket and fedora.

After years of complete and total abuse, I'm now in the process of attempting to rehab my hair. I had been spending $50  every other week for in-salon deep conditioning treatments. They for sure are helping. The heat makes the deep conditioner penetrate so much deeper than conditioner can. This gadget makes it so that I can give myself a deep conditioning treatment at home that is just as effective as the pricy ones at the salon.

This one is not a beauty or fashion related. Its so good though, I feel compelled to share.
As I've been working out regularly, aches and pains are a far more common occurrence.  5 minutes under this red light all but eliminates them. It also works wonders for arthritis. If you ever have any type of acute or chronic pain, I strongly suggest that you check this out. 

Game changer alert!!! Back to how I've spoken about being in the process of trying to rehab my hair. I knew that I HAD to stop with the blow drying, curling irons and flat irons. I've tried 15 ways to Sunday to just let my hair air dry. I mean it looks so col on everyone else. My hair is just far too puffy though.  Enter this hot brush. Its SO much more gentle than using most hot tools. I let my hair airdry, then run this through once its dry. It smooths it right out in under 5 minutes. 

Can you say "Christmas Eve Day"? This is what I'll be wearing. Its so soft and warm. It puts me in the holiday mood hard core.  Its that time! I, for one am very excited about this!



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