Hi! Happy Monday!

Today, I'm here to talk to you about hair! 

I'm on a mission to rehab my hair. Years of bleaching, heat styling along with an out of whack (technical term) have brought my hair to the literal brink. 

I've switched from a heavy foil to a more gentle balayage. As for my thyroid, I'm on a new dosage of medication-fingers crossed.  So, that left me with just one last and likely the most relevant factor in my hair damage.... heat styling. Initially, I thought I'd "just let it air dry". I mean it looks so chic on others. Well, my naturally curly hair just got puffy. I cant "embrace the curls" because its so unhealthy , the curls cant form. They just puff. 

I researched and researched. What could I do so that I wasn't subjecting my hair to heat damage without looking like a puff ball?

The answer, the heated brush.  Not to be confused with hair dryer/ brush combos that blow hot air.

A heated brush is in the form of a paddle brush. The entire area of bristles heats up. You brush your hair like normal. With just a single pass, hair becomes smooth and shiny. You might be thinking "But you are still heat styling! How is this going to help??!" Trust, I had the SAME concerns.  Here are a few of the key differences: 

  • A flat iron clamps your hair between two screaming hot plates, making it VERY easy to singe the hair. 
  • A heated brush puts FAR less direct heat on the hair, also you are not putting the heat on both sides.
  • You don't need to "pull or tug" like you do with a flair iron
  • It takes much less time than using a flat iron, so your hair is out of the heat much less time.

Before I purchased this, it would take me an hour to dry then style my hair. Now, I let it air dry and then spend all of 5 minutes running this through. 
My hair is already shinny than I've ever seen it. It gets incredibly smooth and soft, but still has body.

If you are tempted to try a heated brush, I'll tell you that I love mine.
Keep in mind, use this only on DRY hair and remember to use a heat protectant.



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