Happy Mid-Week, Mes Amies. How are you all doing today?

The last few days have been rainy, cold and raw around here. While its is only October, the air has changed. Because of this, its a good idea to make a few tweaks and additions to your beauty routine. Cold weather, being inside and reduced humidity all require a different course of action when it comes to how we primp and prep. Just as that cute tank top and cut-offs works perfectly for July but not January , there are beauty moves you need to make to accommodate the change of seasons.

Does your scalp tend to get dry and irritated each winter? Does it flake? If so, add in a Scalp Oil like This One by Briogo.

This is so soothing. It quells irritation almost immediately. 

Between my thyroid issues and my geographical location, I end up with painfully dry , chapped hands each and every winter. However, I have a new hope this year. This Hand Cream by Ouai ( Pronounced "Way") is a game changer.

To say this is deeply hydrating would be a gross understament. This leaves your hands silky and smooth for hours at a time, all while having that beautiful Ouai trademark scent.

For many of us, myself included the cooler months and all that they entail does a number on the skin on my face. I end up with dry patches all over.  Hydrating creams are important. However, in order to truly fight the dryness a serum is necessary. This One by Drunk Elephant is a savior.

Apply this after cleansing and before you apply moisturizer. This will lock in hydration.

In the warmer months we can sometimes air dry our hair. In the winter, that's not often a viable option. This along with dry heat in doors makes it so that hair needs TLC and moisture.  This Hair Mask is of HG status.

Its an intensely moisturizing mask that instantly makes hair softer, shinier and more manageable.  

The cold months are brutal on cuticles. They get dried out, then they rip and turn into painful hangnails.  I've learned that there is a simple fix for this. I keep a bottle Of This Cuticle Oil right next to my soap on the bathroom sink.

Just a few drops of this each day is all you need. It makes all the difference.

Okay, that's a wrap on this post. What are your cold weather beauty "musts"?



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