Is Your Hair aging You?

October 25, 2021 in


Its the last Monday in October! Boy, that went fast.
I have a new favorite YouTube channel.  See it here Elle Bangs. This channel is by a licensed hair stylist. She offers practical advice and styling help.

After watching several of her videos, it got me thinking. In my opinion, hair can age you more than any other single aspect of your appearance.  
I LOVED being a teenage in the late 90's I am glad that I was a teenager then, not an adult.  For some reason back then, many women seemed to feel that once they hit 35, the HAD to get an unflattering, frumpy hair cut.

Case in point....the cast of "The Golden Girls" were younger at the start of that series than the cast of "Friends" is now. Jennifer Anniston doesn't look a day over 35. A lot of that can be attributed to her beautiful hair. 
We all know the same old things we always here regarding this topic. We got it, we need to trim dead ends and hydrate our hair. These things here are going deeper than that.
Quite often, what ages us most is things that are now "dated". 

So, what are somethings that we do to our hair that age us? Pour some coffee, sit back and lets discuss. 

  • Wispy Claw Bangs

Bangs like this were quite popular in the early to mid 90's. You achieved bangs like this by blowing them out on a large, round brush. 
If you are a bang lover and want to have something more current, opt for a curtain bang.

  • Overly done blowouts
Even duchess Kate has traded in her signature blowout for more relaxed waves. Over done blowouts look fussy and now somewhat frumpy. More lived in waves have a carefree, youthful vibe.

  •  Lots of Choppy Layers

This hair cut shouts "1996!!!" from the roof tops. See, around that time, everyone went out and got "The Rachel". As it started to grow out, this is what it looked like.
While layers are a wonderful thing, you might want to keep them on the longer side to stay current.

  • Overly Bright Hair Colors

I'm using myself as the "don't" here (albeit me from 2015). Overly vivid hair colors, where it be blonde, red, or brunet look "forced". That's the exact opposite of what is youthful. Choose more muted, natural looking shades to avoid adding years.

  • Thick, High Contrast Highlight/lowlights 

Picture it, 2003... I had these stripes called a "highlight/lowlight". My natural hair color is a dishwater dirty blonde. It wasn't dark enough for this super high contrast. So, I had a lot of dark brown put in between. I spent literal YEARS trying to undo this..  A color job like this is a time capsule of the early 00's, which are now 20 years ago. Opt for a more natural bayalage for dimension without hard lines.

For more info on this, go straight to the informative source!



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