Fall Haul

October 04, 2021 in


Its the 1st full week of October, how did that happen? I swear, it was June like 3 days ago.

Anyway, like most people I like to add some new pieces into my wardrobe when the season change.

I'm buying less than normal this year. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that I already have too much. The other reason is that my size is changing (Hiring a personal trainer REALLY works). This year, my pics are far more curated than in years past.  I actually like it FAR better this way. The less clutter, the better.  

Since I spent so much time finding the best pieces, I'm going to share some of them with you so you do not also need to spend the time doing it.

Leopard print is my favorite, always has been. These jeans are in the current , hot boot cut shape. They have just enough stretch to be super comfy.

These lug sole Chelsea boots are the perfect accompaniment to the jeans. I was wearing them together in an Instagram story. 12 different people asked me about them. These are SO comfortable!

This sweater is literally the softest and coziest that I own. Its now on sale for only $35! 

These are so sparkly and real looking. What doesn't go with (faux) diamonds? Nothing!

I look forward to changing into these so much. I get home from work and get right into this super cozy, super soft set.

$30 that's all these jeans cost! They look and feel SO good on! I Think they are my most comfortable jeans. 

What pieces are you adding this fall? I'd love to see!




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