September Target Finds

September 13, 2021 in


Happy Monday, Mes Amies!

Did you have a fun fall weekend? This summer girl knows that she needs to be realistic. Its time to start filtering more fall pieces and packing away the shorts and tanks. (Here in New England, the temperature is starting to change)

As always, Target is coming in STRONG with on trend fall styles.  I ran to the bigger, better Target a few towns over this weekend. These are the goodies that came home with me.

Have you been watching "Bridgerton"? Turns out, MANY of you are. It has become the most watched series ever on Netflix. Why do I bring this up? Because its influence is now showing up in out fashions. Just google "The Bridgerton Effect" to see what I mean.
This blouse fits that bill perfectly. The slight puff sleeve along with the light puffing of the sleeves gives a subtle, wearable nod to that trend.

What tye-dye was to 2020, camo is to 2021-2022. I'm inclined to believe that camo wont fizzle out as quickly as tye-dye did.  The later has a bad connection to pandemic era lock downs.
However, even if this camp trend goes out as quickly as it came in, this super soft and cozy sweatshirt is only $15.00.

Are you not ready or willing to get on board with the "mom jean" trend, but yet you are realize that those skinny jeans are getting more dated by the minute? What's the solution? The straight leg jean, that's what. If you are like me and have short legs, you'll love the elongating effect of this front seam.

I tell you, its becoming increasing difficult to distinguish Target's Knox rose brand from Free People.
This sweater is no exception.  Its so soft and looks far more expensive than it is.

Back during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale I hemmed and hawed over a pair of cream colored combat boots. Ultimately, I decided against them. I'm so glad that I did because I like this pair from Target even better. Oh and these come in at $120 LESS THAN the other pair. Total WIN!

Aside from the shopping that I did on vacation, this was my 1st round of fall shopping this year. Its getting real. RIP Summer.



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