Welcome to a new week, babes. 

Last week on Instagram, I posted the above photo to my stories. It generated a bit of interest. Several folks said "Let me know what you think!" or "I was thinking about getting this too!"

Before we go any further... what is it we are talkin about here?  A shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment for your hair. Here is what Redken says :


Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo is Redken's most concentrated all-in-one formula for strength repair for all types of damaged hair. This ultra-rich and luxurious sulfate-free shampoo provides ultimate strength repair, intense conditioning and color fade protection. Featuring Citric Acid, this shampoo contains a concentrated bonding care complex that reinforces weakened bonds within your hair to improve hair strength and resiliency. This pH-balancing shampoo is specifically formulated with an acidic pH to defend against the negative effect of hair coloring, styling tools, and even water, which has a pH of 7, to balance hair's pH back into a healthy range of 4.5-5.5. The result? Healthier looking and feeling hair.

Key Benefits:
  • 56% less breakage*
  • 82% less visible split ends**
  • 11x smoother hair**
  • pH balancing
  • For all hair types & textures
  • Ultimate repair, intense conditioning & color fade protection
  • Contains Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, which helps reinforce weakened bonds
This product is ultra-rich and thick in consistency and will coat your hair with less product than your average shampoo. We recommend you start with a quarter-sized amount and increase from there based on your hair type. A little goes a long way!

I decided to give this a try because lately I've had a LOT of breakage. I have done "all the right things", but because of a medical condition, my hair has gone on a snapping spree.

My hair is VERY thick, very course and I have a TON of it. (My colorist uses enough color for 3 other clients to do my hair.)

So far, I've used this once ( I wash my hair 2x/week). While its FAR to early to tell how it will work long term, so far I'm VERY impressed.

After the wash but before the conditioner my hair already felt so much softer. Once I had conditioned and put in the leave-in, I was blown away. 

The real "magic" began when I started to dry it. My hair was so smooth and manageable. Blow-drying was quick and easy.

Its too early to tell long term how much this will help. However, my initial 1st impression in 1000% favorable. I had 0 breakage in my comb. I wore black tops the past two days specifically to see if I'd have any  noticeable hair fallout. I had none. 

My hair feels smooth and hydrated from roots  to ends . 

The scent is clean and light.  Its a very faint citrus essence.  The only real "con" that I can think of is the price. All three items were $90 pretax. I look at it like this, if buying these saves my hair and saves me from buying a bunch of other products, its money well spent.

As I get further into the use of this line, I'll update you!



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