Happy Monday, chickadees. How was your weekend?

I thought that today we'd do a post that was a bit different. This is 5 things that you might not know about me. (Maybe you do because I'm an open book, but still).. I love getting to know you guys better too, so by all means, I hope that you will share too.

1) I have some formal training in Forensic Handwriting Analysis

It stared years ago when I was still in college. I took an elective that was being taught by a retired FBI agent. I found it so interesting, I've since taken more classes on it. 

Forensic Handwriting Analysis (not to be confused with graphology) is an actual science, and its fascinating.   Its essentially about comparing documents to determine with a strong level of certainty if they were generated by the same individual. 

2) When I was a teenager, I thought that I wanted to be a nurse.

This is almost comical to me now. I cannot handle blood. The sight of even a minor wound triggers my gag reflex. I would of never been able to cut it as a nurse. I am completely and totally unequipped to ever be in the medical field.  

3) I have Volunteered in Dog Rescue since 2007.

God willing, I will continue to do so until my heat beat's for the final time. Getting homeless animals into loving homes is SO important to me.

4) At One point, I was the Youngest Member of The Beach Boys Official Fan Club.

It is what I wanted for my 8th birthday (along with a doll house). My parents never really understood where this love for a group that was 20 years older than me originated from. All these years later, they are still my favorite.

5) I'm an Ennagram Type 7

I fit the description to a "t". The good parts, the not so good parts, its me ALLL the way.  I'm cheerful and enthuastic, yet also impatient and want what I want when I want it.  I am often awed by the simple wonders of life (sunrise!!) and very grateful for all that I have. Yet often unable to be realistic about wants versus needs. ( "I live in New England, I need  new boots" Yet, there are 3 pairs of newish boots sitting dormant in the closet."

Alright! That's it! Really though, please do share something that I might not know about YOU!



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