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July 07, 2021 in


Hey all! Happy mid-week!

We are off to a late start today, I know. The effects of the 3- day weekend are still being felt here.

Today, I wanted to share so of my favorite workout gear with you guys. I cannot speak for anyone else obviously, but for me having good (bonus points for cute) workout apparel is a motivating factor in its self.

First up...

I'm super excited about this top. I worked out in it this morning actually. Its SO comfortable, it wicks away moisture like a champ. Somehow, someway, its only $10? I have two of them now and plan on adding more.

Skinny Racer Back Tank

The next two items are twins of sorts, or at least that look that way

Super light fabric, these are idea for workouts on those HOT summer days. They have an inner lining that prevents chafing. All and all these are fantastic.

Here is their twin sister. I love both of these shorts so much. I know, I know.. for YEARS I preached on here about how foolish I thought it was to spend a lot of money on clothes that you'll immediately just sweat all over. I know. I've come around though and am developing a serious thing for Lululemon. The quality is tops. The sizing is consistent. I blame my bestie, Lisa. She's a fitness professional. She is the one who got me hooked.

Who would ever think that socks could be too important? Low and behold, they are. Socks that don't stay put, that are too large (or small) all can ruin an otherwise great workout.

Around Christmas of this past year, I bought some Bombas socks. Immediately, I was hooked. First things first, they come in S/M/L.  I have a relatively small foot. Typically, women's socks are just too large and socks from the girl's department are just too small. Problem solved here. Feel good bonus, for every pair you buy, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter.

Never forget, Old Navy is a great resource for inexpensive workout clothing.
My new favorite from there is this tank

Its so light weight and breathable. Perfect for thus time of year.

Remember, regardless of what you wear, or which activity you do, its SO important to move your body. Get your heart rate up, get your exercise in.

See you on Friday, Friends!



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