Hi all! Another Wednesday, another late start. Man, I think this is three weeks in a row.

Today, is all  the random things!

First things first...and this is a BIG one.

My dear friend, Glenda is opening a book store....RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from both my house and office.

Aside from the fact that Glenda has followed a life long dream to make this happen, she is filling a HUGE void. The closest book store to the area that we live in was 20 miles away.
This is going to be such an asset to our community. If she doesn't have the book that you are looking for, she'll order it for you.
I know that many readers here are not local to my area. You can still support this fantastic store though.  Think about it... Would you rather order from Amazon to send its billionaire owner on another ego-fueled trip into space, or would you rather support a small, woman owned business? #nobrainer 
Shop them here: Books And Sundry 

I started working with a personal trainer. HOLY. HECK. I can tell you this, I'm getting my money's worth and then some. I am SO glad that I am doing this though. I'm so thankful that I have both the means and ability to do this. #investmentinme

My newest favorite lipstick is SO inexpensive. 

It's by Covergirl. Its called "Honeyed Bloom". Its a super pretty pink  shade that is universally flattering. I think I paid $5.00 for this. Its creamy and stays on. Also, its a total dupe for KKW Beauy #1 Creme.

Speaking of inexpensive... #targetdoesitagain. 

My normal two favorite hair lines are Orbie and Quai. I had to try this after reading about it in "In Style". I kid you not, this absolutely is salon quality. It holds its own easily against the prestige brands. Its inexpensive and all around fantastic. 

Decoy has a skin tag on his leg that got zapped off today.  How cute is he in his cone?

He has an inflatable cone because its much more comfortable for him. (and he can do less damage with it.)

I was able to make a reservation in French at a restaurant we are going to soon. I was so giddy I was able to do it.  Much gratitude to the maître d'hôtel for humoring me.



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