Happy mid-week chickadees!

Lordy, I am hurting today. I work with my trainer on Tuesday mornings. I am feeling it today. 

That's actually what inspired this post. A fantastic line of workout clothing my trainer had told me about, an Amazon exclusive. It got me to thinking about a few of the other Amazon brands that I love.

This is the line of workout gear that is beloved by trainers.  You can "build your own leggings" You pick the length, waist rise and waistband style. The quality here is is just as good as the big, well known brands.

Reliably high quality and reasonably priced is what the Amazon Essentials line is all about.  Dresses to underwear, men's polos to kids shoes. This line is pretty much the "department store" of Amazon. 
Its not just clothing either. After splurging on a high-end down comforter 2 falls ago. A good quality duvet cover just wasn't in the budget. They were all an addition $200-$300 . Well, I found an Amazon Essentials one for $27. It was so much better made than they expensive ones. 2 full years later, it still looks and feels brand new.

This line started as strictly men's clothing. I'm so thankful that it now includes ladies clothing. Some of the most stylish pieces that I own are from this line.  Often, I'll mistake these pieces for my things from Nordstrom.

This one is for the fashionistas out there. The line is a rotating collaboration with pivotal influencers.
You can't "be on the fence" here though, most styles are available for only 30 hours.

This line makes even my "hot & humid loving" heart yearn for cool fall temps.
I literally already have 5 things from this line in my "Saved for later" list. The most perfect sweaters and knits. All so pretty & cozy.

Those are my favorite Amazon brands.  What about you? are there any brands that you've had great luck with? Any you'd avoid? Do tell!





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