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July 23, 2021 in


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Happy Friday, Mes Amies!
Are you all almost ready for the weekend? I am!!
Today I wanted to share with you some new products that I'm LOVING and think you might too!

This primer does it all. It illuminates/hydrates/blurs pores/ and makes your makeup entirely melt proof. I swear that this primer takes 5 years off. 

I have long sung the praises of high-end foundations. I've often said that if you only wear one high end product, make it your foundation. Well, this $9.00 foundation beats out most of the expensive ones.

Brushes make allllllll the difference in how your makeup will look. Typically, you'd have to choose between buying good makeup brushes or affordable makeup brushes...never shall the two meet. Until now that is.  Under $15 for this whole set!

Remember to clean your makeup brushes Read how to here!!

An anti-aging lipstick? Truthfully, I thought that was a gimmick. Then, I tried 

This lipstick is loaded with many different essential oils (Shea, Mango Seed, jojoba among others)

This is my new HG concealer. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has eliminated my dark under eye circles like this has. Its better than anything I've ever tried.

So, that's it for today.

Tomorrow is hair day, I CANT WAIT!  Woo Hoo.

Have a great weekend!



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