My Hard "No-s"

July 14, 2021 in


Hi there, friends! Happy Hump Day! 
After the post last week about fashion swaps out for a more current look, I has 2 separate folks ask "What are the things that you just flat out will not wear?"
It got me to thinking.... Yes, there are something that I flat out will not wear. 

Before we go any further, I want to preface that just because I won't wear something, it doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't. This isn't about judgment or shaming anyone else's choices. 
Now that we got that out of the way.....

The first thing that gets a "hard no"  is Shortalls/Overalls

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with shortalls/overalls.  I spent YEARS of my youth wearing them. They look SO adorable on all of the fresh faced 20- somethings. While I'm a big proponent of "wear what you want". This one gives me pause. If I see a woman my age or older in these, I never think "current" or "on trend". I think of some cheesy guy wearing a leisure suit years later , just trying to relive those "glory days". We have to be realistic. We might look phenomenal at 35, 40, 50 + We still don't look like we are 22 though. This one, to me at least screams that you might be trying to convince yourself that you are substantially younger than what you actually are.

Next up, White Thread Jeans (bonus points if they have "bling".

From 2002-2010, I'd say that 90%b of my jeans were like this. Now, they just look like they came straight out of a Y2K costume party.  

Moving along, the Tankini

I wish I could take credit for this one, but I read it on reddit. "Instead of wearing a tankini, just hold up a sign that says you are uncomfortable with your tummy." 
I think that is the most spot on thing , EVER. I'm not saying to wear a 2 piece if that is not your thing, no way. However, there are so many beautiful, flattering one -piece suits out there. To me, those will ALWAYS look better than a frumpy tankini. (Which add years and pounds)

A biggie for me, which you probably know about if you come by here often is anything from Forever 21, Charlotte Rousse , Primemark, ETC
Ahh the dreaded fast fashion. You all already know of all ethical reasons why its important to stay the hell away from these brands. Those reasons are the most important. Aside from that, why wont I wear these brands? Simply put , because I have the means and ability to do better. I don't work hard to dress in the exact same brands I did back when I was a broke college kid. I've worked very hard to be able to buy better quality things.

Moving along... I will not wear Puff Shoulder Tops

Lordy... I look at these types of tops and all I can think of is this:

Also, they remind me on 1980's shoulder pads. No thank you.

Those are really my only "no-way, no how" items. Everything else is decided on a piece-by-piece basis.
Do you have any "Hard NO" when it comes to your wardrobe? I'd be very curious to know about them!!





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