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July 16, 2021 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies! 

Happy SUMMER FRIDAY, aka the absolute best.

The last two posts we did here had somewhat of a negative vibe. They were all about dislikes. While there is a reason for that type of post from time to time, I'd much rather leave this week on a positive note. Today, I'm going to share a few things that I am absolutely, positively LOVING as of late. Things that I am so happy that I don't have to do without.  

First up... This Gorgeous Top

I'm not one to watch reality TV. Unpopular opinion, I abhor reality TV. Yet, one day two weekends ago I ended up watching a show called "Christina on the Coast." It stars Christina ElMoussa.. Anastad..Haack. She was wearing this top. I had to have it. I tracked it down. Its even prettier in person . I wore it out with my husband this past weekend.

My most loved item here is These Bracelets

How do I love thee bracelets? Let me count the ways. These babies are legit show stoppers. I get stopped on the street because of them. Everyone wants to know where they are from. Nobody believes me that they are plastic. They are light weight, they don't clang together, you can wear them to the beach or pool. When you put each bracelet on you are supposed to "set an intention" for that day. Each bracelet signifies a specific intention. Left brained, logic me originally though  "Oh that's not me, I just like how these look." Well, low and behold, I now DO do it. It starts each day off on such a high note.

How adorable is This Off The Shoulder Top ?

Lately, I've been finding myself buying so many of my clothes from Gibson. Their styles are adorable, they are well made and fairly priced. The majority of their line is made here in the USA. 

Guys, These $15 Dollar Shorts are the BEST cut-offs EVER

My goodness, where to start. They have just the right amount of distressing. They look edgy without looking like they came off Christina Argulera circa 2008. They have a small amount of stretch in them to keep them from getting that obnoxious waist gap. They are not so short that you might expose things when you bend over, but they are short enough to be total husband pleasers 😜

I've officially now a stan for Lululemon. This Bra is part of the reason why 

It is SO supportive, yet I forget that I have it on. When it comes to sports bras what more could you ask for? Current situation...trying to talk myself out of ordering one in EVERY color.

That's a wrap for today. What ae you loving lately?



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