Happy Holiday Weekend, Babes!

I'm so sorry I missed our time together on Wednesday. I was having the coolest experience with a client.  If you follow me on Instagram (sheshe830), you know what I'm talking about!  #iykyk

Anyhow, its a new month and I have new "loving lately" items to share with you!

Per always , we'll go in order left to right/top to bottom.

The Softest PJ's EVER

I had originally seen (and felt) these in-store. They only had XXS and XXL stocked. However, I opened the app and ordered them on the spot. These PJ's feel exactly like the material that they use for newborn's clothing. SO soft.

My plan was that I was buying this for vacation. That went out the window as soon as it arrived. Its FAR too beautiful to not wear NOW. It is SO flattering. The color is perfect for this time of year and its plenty comfortable.

I've admitted to you guys before, I love high end cosmetics. Its what I purchase and wear 99% of the time. It takes a LOT to move me away from my higher end products. Well, this mascara does that handedly. I shared this on my Insta and it became clear that I'm not alone. I got this comment "Ohhhh yes to this. This has replaced my once beloved Dior Show!"   I also got this response " 7 years of wear Chanel mascara only...now over and done because I found this." 

Its only $5.00!!!

Workout Shorts 

I LOVE these workout shorts. They are two layers (Both very light.) The bottom layer is a bike short with the outer being a running short. These are perfect for the gym. If I'm in the weight room, I know that I'm "covered" regardless of whatever activity I'm doing.

I'm wearing this now as I type. I LOVE this dress. It was a total impulse purchase. It came through to me on a Facebook ad. I saw the leopard print and figured that I had to try it. I was VERY impressed when it arrived. 

Okay, go off and have a Happy & Safe 4th!



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