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July 09, 2021 in


Happy Friday, chickadees! Are you all ready for the weekend?

Today, we are talking about items you can swap out of your closet because they are either "out of style" or on their way out. We'll also look at more current things that you can work into the rotation in their place.

Let me say here and now, I'm NOT telling you not to wear any of these things. Fashion is personal. If you feel happy and confident in something, that is all that matters. This is for when you start feeling as if you need a refresh.

The first item that is looking tired, is the gladiator sandal . This one has been around for 5 or 6 years now. If you look at any of the higher end designers, nothing that even comes close to resembling these are in their current offerings. 

This Steve Madden sandal is far more "in" right now. Also, I'm willing to be its going to be more comfortable as well.

The distressed, low rise, skinny jean. Urgh. This checks every box of what is considered "out of style" by way of jeans. The thing is finding jeans that you love is no easy feat. If you feel best in skinny jeans, rock them. If you like distressed jeans best, rock them. If low rise jeans are what looks best on you, wear them loud and proud.  
Where you run into troupe with the "fashion police" is when you have all three of those elements in one pair of jeans.

The jeans above still have the "cool girl" vibe from the distressing. They are not a baggy "mom jean" but still do not fall into the dated "skinny jean" category.

Tie-dye is almost as synonymous with 2020 as covid is. I think last year's tie-dye fad might of resulted because of covid. As the world returns to normal, folks want to distance themselves from any reminders of that awful time. Because of that, tie-dye's time in the sun is rapidly approaching its end.

The perfect swap out for the tie-die is the vintage inspired sets like the one from free people pictured above. They still have the vintage feel ,albeit more 70's than tie-dyes 60's.

Printed rain boots like these just shout "2012!", "2014!" I know that they were functional and cute, but still. Now, they seem dated.

These Chelsea style ankle rain boots are so effortlessly chic. Also, they are easier to put on than knee high rubber galoshes ever will be.

That's it for today. Are there anything that I left off? Again, remember it is YOU and you alone who decides what your personal style is. As long as you like what you are wearing, fashion editors be damned.

Have a beautiful weekend.




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