Happy Monday, chickadees! How are you all?

Today's post is an "anti-haul" of sorts. Over the weekend, I was gong through my makeup closet. I was getting rid of anything that I no longer use. It got me to thinking about how there were SO many products that I used to swear by that now, I do not buy any more. Many of them are things that I have shared on here. I figured its only fair to share with you why I have moved on from them. 

First up is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products.

Why did I stop buying them? Not because there is anything at all wrong with them. Not at all. However, at Target there is a brand that is an EXACT dupe. They have every category of product that ABH does. However, these are all 1/2 the price. The Brand is called Arches & Halos. Micro Defining Pencil 

Next up is not a specific brand, but a category of products. I no longer purchase Exfoliating Facial Scrubs.
Why did I stop purchasing them? Because they really do not work. They cause more harm than good. The put countless microscopic tears in the skin which can lead to infection and uneven texture. Besides, they do not clean out the pores. 
Instead, I now rely on my Dermaflash Pore Extractor . Right before your eyes, you'll see each and every pore become unclogged. It is SUCH a satisfyingly thing.

I no longer buy Lancome's Bi-Facil makeup remover.
Why do I no longer buy it? Because Clinique's Take The Day Off does the EXACT same thing (even better) and costs less. A huge savings? NO. But every dollar counts.    

I no longer buy expensive mascara.
Why do I no longer buy it? Because This $5.00 Mascara is better than them ALL
I'm still amazed by how good this stuff is. It separates and lengthens each lash.
For the price, I can have a few at home, one in my gym bag, one in my travel bag, etc, Its AMAZING.

I no longer buy blush palettes. 
Why do I no longer buy them? Well, because I found the single perfect shade for me. I shared on here before how I especially loved when Benefit Cosmetics would put out a new 6 pan blush palette. For the prices of 2 blushes, you'd get 6 full sized products. That is still one heck of a deal, no doubt.  But for me, Nars Amour is the IDEAL shade. I pick it up day after day to the exclusion of all other blushes. (This photo isn't a true representation of it)

That's it for today. Tell me, what products have you moved on from?



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