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Happy Friday, Mes Amies! 3 cheers for the upcoming weekend!

I've been a lover of makeup and all things beauty since I was a toddler. No, I'm not joking. 

I'm CONSTANTLY trying new products. As soon as something new comes out, I tend to purchase it. I always want to see if what is new truly is am improvement.

With that said, there are a few things that are my own personal product heroes. These are the things that I purchase time after time. These are the things that I continually go back to regardless of what new products have come out that do the same things. These are my tired and true products that I cannot be without.

1) Olaplex 3  

This product is a legit miracle worker for hair.  It reduces breakage and makes your hair look and feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. 

Read More About My Experience With Olaplex Here

2) IT Cosmetics BB Cream With Illumination 

I have been wearing this since the summer of 2017. It offers fantastic coverage, yet feels light. Its SPF 50, so it is protecting your face all day. Speaking of all day, this stays put all the live long day.

3) Benefit Roller Eye Bright

As we age, our waterline becomes more pink. Those of us with very fair skin have dealt with this issue from a very young age.  This cancels out that pink. In turn, ikt makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

4) Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

If you asked me to pick the most universally flattering lipstick out there, this would be it.  I'm on my 3rd tube. However, it lasts FOREVER. I wear it to work, I wear it out. Its never out of place.

5) Miliani Eyeshadow Primer

Its pretty clear that high end cosmetics leave me with stars in my eyes. Yet, this little drug store gem beats out all the rest. It gives you the smoothest eyeshadow application. It keeps your eye makeup from creasing or wearing off. All for only $7.00! 

6) Clinique Take The Day Off

The best makeup remover that I've ever used. Waterproof mascara comes off with one swipe. Matte lipstick wipes off with ease. To me, this is the gold standard of makeup removers.

What are your products that you'll never part ways with? I'd love to know.



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