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June 28, 2021 in


Happy new week, my loves. Did you all have a good weekend? We are back in a heatwave here. That is A-Okay with me though.

I'm SO excited to bring you today's post. Nowadays, there are so many different in-home beauty tools that are meant to give you in-spa results. Normally, they are very effective, and VERY expensive. If you look on-line, you'll see items such as skin toners, facial steamers, facial brushes , dermaplaning devices and so much more. You'll see some jaw dropping price tags.

Well, as if we needed another reason to love Target... Target carries reasonably priced versions of ALL of these things. The reviews on the tools from Target are just as good , if not better than their more expensive counterparts. Let's take a look, shall we?

This devices makes your serums and lotions penetrate your skin more deeply. If you are paying the money for these products, this devices makes it so you get the most benefit from them. While its expensive counterpart costs $299.00, this one is only $29. In other words, it costs a mere 10% of the pricy one.

Dermaplaning is a legit game changer as far as skin care goes. Last summer, I talked about it in depth here 
It eliminates the peach-fuzz on your face (no, it does not grow back thicker or darker) . This makes for better makeup application and more absorption of your products.
I paid over $100 for my device. You can get yours for less than $30.

There is well known and loved toning device that looks quite a bit like this one. That other one costs $500. This one costs $25. Use it to decrease the appearance of fine lines and sagging.

Last summer I Shared how much of a difference Microdermabrasion has made in my skin. I get regular facials. My esthetician cannot get over the texture of my skin. Or more so, that I achieved it from at home care. My devices set me back $250. It was worth it, but if I could of spent $37 on this one instead, I would of.

When L'oreal stopped production on their Clarisonic line I was so upset. I had been religiously using Clarisonic since 2007. I was on my 3rd brush when the news came that the company would cease production.  The most recent one I had purchased cost over $280 dollars. This one is $40. Dare I say it....this one is BETTER. Yes, I went there. It really is. Aside from it being less expensive, its replacement heads are less expensive too.

Back in the fall I raved to you guys about how amazed I was with This Pore Extractor . Nothing has changed, I've been using this weekly since October. Well, this one comes in at $50....aka $100 less than what I spent!

Many folks prefer a silicone cleansing brush, as they are all but bacteria free. The thing is, they cost nearly $200. That's a LOT of money. Well, have no fear. THis little guy is a mere $12.00.

I need to confess, I have serious buyers remorse.  Urgh, its NOT a good feeling.  A few weeks back I shared this light therapy mask that I bought . Don't get me wrong, it works well. But it was a LOT of money. Seeing that this one is only $39, is like a dagger. I should of done more research. Learn from my mistake!

That is it for today. Can you even believe all of these amazing tools? I'm surprised, but not really. Target ROCKS!




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