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June 09, 2021 in


Hi Friends, how are you?

This week is just flying by. Last week, I had mentioned how I had bought a lovely Jo Malone shower gel. Several of you had reached out and asked about it or said that you wanted to try it. 

It got me to thinking about how something that is such a little thing can make such a difference.

We all shower everyday, why not make it super enjoyable? Sure, plain old soap  gets the job done. Why not get something more luxurious and start your day on a high note? The ones in the picture above are a few of my favorites.

1) Sol de Janerio Shower Cream  

If you have ever tried this brands "Bum-Bum" cream, you are familiar with its dreamy, tropical scent. This shower cream is that same scent. Its also so moisturizing. 

2) Fresh Cut Lilacs

By OG scented shower gel brand, Bath & Body Works. This is a true floral, it doesn't smell synthetic or phone at all. I used this today along with the matching lotion. The combo of the two make the scent last all day.

3) Necessarie Body Wash

This stuff has nearly 1,000 5 star rating on the companies website. Aside from feeling absolutely lovely, it is loaded with vitamins and omegas. It nourishes, protects and cleanses your skin. It also comes in a fragrance free option along with sandalwood, bergamot and eucalyptus .

4) Nivia Tea Tree Bodywash

If you have ever stayed at a Wynn resort, you know how amazing their complimentary shower gel is. (Ever my hubs loves it!)  Well, this is a darn near spot on dupe of that! Plus, its around $6.00.

5) Jo Malone Nectarine & Honey Blossom 

This is the one I spoke of last week. Its straight up heavenly. Your shower really will be transformed into a aromatherapy session.


Where are my evening shower peep?  This one is for you!

Lavender Vanilla Shower & Bath gel 

My mom uses this every night. She cant say enough about it.



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