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June 02, 2021 in ,


Hey friends!

Sorry for the supper late start today! Man alive, I've been so busy. Anyhow, listening to my gripes is not why you are here!

Its a new month, so let's look at the purchases that I'm loving this month and think you might too!

First up, this Beautiful Pink dress

I had this on the other day. A lady came up to me and said "That dress makes me think of a beautiful Hawaiian hibiscus flower! "  I totally got what she was saying. Plus, its light weight and lose fitting. Its SO comfortable.

Speaking of comfort.... Nothing is a better feeling than tossing on one of my hubby's dress  shirts that he had happened to have laying about. Since covid, he's been working from home and wearing work from home clothes. If I swiped one of his dress shirts, it would be so obvious. However.... All is not lost!! Oh no, I found this "His Sleep Shirt" 

This nightie by Ralph Lauren is made to look just like the men's dress shirt that we snag from our guys. Its even more comfortable than that if you can believe it.

I've always been an obsessive hand washer, I've always had excessively dry skin. That's a BAD combination. When I was a little kid in school, the skin on my hands was perpetually split open. It was awful. As an adult, I keep up with hand cream application, but it still always feels as if I've been shoveling against the tide. That all changed once I found This Hand Salve

I was shaking a client's hand at the end of a meeting last week. They exclaimed " Your hands are so soft!!!"  That NEVER would of happened prior to using this cream.

I know, I know...every month for the last three months I've showed you guys a new pair of Tory Burch sandals that I bought and are obsessed with. Yes, I'm doing it again this month.  These Miller Sling-Backs are my new favorite dress sandals. 

Well made, polished as can be. I wear these both to the office and out and about.

Jo Malone fragrances are life quite frankly. They never have any type of synthetic or fake smell to them. I got to thinking why should this little luxury be saved just for perfume?   It shouldn't! So, I treated myself to This Shower Gel and Body Lotion  
When your morning shower feels like an aromatherapy session, your day just gets off to a fantastic start. 

So, that's all folks!

What are you loving this month?



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