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June 11, 2021 in


Happy Friday, baby dolls!

Here in MA, our 5+ day heatwave just finally broke. I know most folks are super happy about that.  In my house, someone who shall remain nameless and who I'm married to, likes to keep the the thermostat set to 66-68 degrees. ⛄ 

Anyhow, today I wanted to share somethings that I find to be essential to my gym routine. 

Let's just get all of the links up here:

HydroFlask w/straw / AirPod Pro / Swifty Tank Top / Spotify / Gym Bag 

Back when the pandemic was 1st taking hold last year, my husband had the foresight to know that the gym's would be off limits. We splurged and an elliptical machine. I do absolutely love it.  It gets its use and was a very good investment. 

The thing is we both really missed the gym. More specifically, we missed OUR gym.

Once Chad was fully vaccinated, we were both eager to get back.  I'm in a total "out with the old" mentality. So, I decided to upgrade my gym gear that had sat dormant for 42 weeks (yes, I counted).

Why the Hydro -flask with straw?

It actually keeps my water cold. Not cool, not tepid, but cold. The straw lid is PERFECT for cardio. There is no fumbling around to open the lid, no spilling.

Why the Airpods Pro?

Because they stay in place. Running, jumping, doesn't matter. These babies are not falling out. 

I used to think earbuds with a cord were fine, and they were. Had I not tried wireless, I wouldn't of known that I needed the wireless option. Now though, I could never go back.

Why the swiftly tank?

Welllll......the reason I originally bought it was because of the color. I immediately came to realize how moisture-wicking this is. That's super important in this heat.

Why Spotify?
My young co-worker showed me how Spotify is the best music streaming service.
I can create so many playlists with just about any song ever recorded.

Why the Lululemon gym bag?
This bag is life. It has a separate compartment specifically to put your worn workout gear in to prevent it from comingling with your clean apparel.  It is large enough to fit a tablet or lap top, but isn't too bulky. 

Okay!  That's a wrap for today!



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