Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!

We are off to a late start today, sorry about that. My hubs and I stayed up WAAAY too late (for me... 10:00pm) watching the Halston series on Netflix. I'm literally obsessed with it. The fashion, the music...I cannot get enough.

That brings me to today's post. My newly founded vintage accessories fixation.

Back in the day, if someone was wearing something that you liked your only hope to know what it was and get it for yourself was to ask them about it and hope that they would share the details with you.

Platforms such as Instagram and Reward Style have made it so that we  all can share exactly what we are wearing and where to go to get it. I LOVE this.

However, more and more I find myself wanting things that are just "mine".  Sometimes, I find myself wanting a few pieces that I won't see on everyone else.

Enter into the world of vintage.  The 2 necklaces and ring in the photo above are a few of the pieces that I've acquired recently. They are all so unique. I will not find them on somebody else. Also, these pieces are FAR better made than any modern costume jewelry that I have found.  Even more important, each time I choose to purchase something vintage over something new, I'm not contributing to the fast fashion industry and all of the down right horror that is the baggage that comes with it.

I certainly will be looking more into vintage accessories.  Going forward, I'm thinking that when I'm on the hunt for something, opting for vintage will be my first choice.

Do you have any vintage pieces? If so, do share!



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