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How are you all today? Are you ready for Mother's Day this weekend? 

My retro loving little heart skipped a beat when I read This article in Byrdie about how Farrah Fawcett hair is BACK. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it. I LOVE Farrah hair. I love a lot of the various elements of that 1970's aesthetic. Its BACK big time now.  

Today, we are going to explore a few of the 1970's trends that are HOT right now. Also, we'll talk about how to incorporate them into your look now without looking like you are an extra on  "That 70's Show".

This neckline is as hot now as it was in the mid- late 1970's. Also, its universally flattering. 

If you were going off for a big night out in the summer of 1977, you might be wearing something exactly like this.
In the 1970's Diane Von Fustenberg created the wrap dress. This ultra flattering trend has been in style ever since in various iderations. 

Rainbow everything/anything was huge in the 1970's. Who can resist it? its so bright and cheery. 


This shoe by Tory Burch is actually called "The 70's flipflop". Really, rainbow was EVERYWHERE back then. I'm glad to see that its back.

Jesa Loafer

Tory Burch is known for bringing a 60's/70's flare to her designs. She said that she looks at photos of her mom and dad from back them and lets that be her inspiration.
You can totally feel that with these loafers.

Bangles were HUGE in the 70's. This set also fits right in with the 70's color palette as well. 

If you look at photos of Studio 54 from back in the day, changes are you'll see this exact bracelet on the wrists of their well heeled clientele. This exact bracelet has been in production since 1977.

So, how do you pull this all together now?

For starters, don't wear ALL the trends at once. Pick and choose one or two to work into your outfit.

Decide which of the trends will work for you and avoid the one that dont. For instance, if you have thin, straight hair trying to replicate Farrah's feathered, full curls likely isn't going to work for you. That's okay, plenty others will.

Are you going to dip your toe into the waters of the 1970's? Do tell!


Who here picked up on the title of this post itself being taken from the 1970's?


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