You Need a Facial Steamer

April 21, 2021 in


Happy hump day, hunnies.

How are you all today? I'm finally starting to feel better, fully better. It feels so good. 

Anyhow, something good did come from that horrid sinus/ ear infection. I bought a facial steamer. I bought a facial steamer.

I purchased one per the recommendation of my doctor because they are so  beneficial for sinus pain.

However, I was not expecting the benefits to my skin. I shouldn't of been surprised. I get a facial each month. A large part of that is having steam applied directly to my face.

After using the facial steamer for just one week  I noticed 

  • All of my formerly clogged pores were now clear
  • My products all seemed to absorb far better
  • My skin felt so much more hydrated
  • My skin now has this "glow" to it 

I have seen some facial steamers that sell for $150.00  Let me strongly urge you to NOT spend that much money.
I know full well that there are plenty of skin care tools where you really pay for what you get. That is not the case here. Steam is steam. 
There are plenty of fantastic options on Amazon.

Get one. Aside from making your skin look better and being great for upper raspatory health, its SO relaxing to sit in front of. 
Its literally 5 minutes of relaxed enjoyment each night. If I were a tea drinker, I'd totally be sipping while I use this.

My main tip is to put a shower cap on when you use this. Otherwise the steam will make your hair frizzy.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll "see" you on Friday.



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