Happy Monday, Mes Amies.
Did you all have a great weekend?
Today, I wanted to share with you a few things that truly do work.
I too have an entire cabinet filled with items that had promised to be "miracle solutions". Mostly , they all fell short. However, there are a few things that have proven themselves. The things that I'm going to share with you now are things that have shown me real, substantial results.

1) Prescription Retin

Oh my, we might be starting out with the best. The difference that this has made in my skin. I used to have such horridly clogged pores on my nose and chin. They are no longer clogged. The fine lines that were developing under my eyes are all but gone. I'm truly blown away.

2) PMD Personal Microderm abrasion   Find It Here  

This little gadget earned its own blog post back over the summer. READ THAT HERE
It is a game changer. It smooths skin, reduces pore size and all but eliminates discoloration spots.

3) Olaplex #3    Find It Here

I bleach and heat style my hair. These are two things that always have dried out my hair. They also cause my hair to be fragile, breakage prone and dull. This stuff is a kin to waving a magic wand and having all of those issues go away.

4) SR Collagen Peptides   Find Them Here

Wow! You guys, this one has been a legitimate game changer for me. It has made my hair grow faster and thicker. It has made my finger nails grow strong and healthy. The benefits go beyond beauty.  Countless people claim that these have made a huge difference with their digestive issues and joint pain as well.

5) Liquid Melatonin       Find It Here

Where as I get up VERY early, I typically fall asleep in no time. Yet, like everyone else I have nights where my mind is racing, or I just don't feel sleepy. Enter in liquid melatonin. Because of its liquid form , its so fast acting. I'm talking like 10-15 minutes fast acting. I always have a bottle of this in my night stand drawer.

6) neuLash Lash Serum       Find It Here

I know, I know.. I've talked about this stuff a lot . It really works though.
I tried last extensions once, they were NOT for me. 
I had seen the commercials for the prescription lash serum. I didn't want to try that one though because it seems to change peoples eye color. I love my eye color, I don't want it to change. 
I've seen people trying to sell a lash serum from a well known MLM. However, that one has far too many complaints about painful and dangerous reactions. So, that is a BIG "NO". 
When I saw this one on Nordstrom's website, I was intrigued. Nordstrom seriously vets products before they sell them. I felt safe purchasing this.
You guys, it has knocked my socks off.  This had made my lashes so long and full.  If you are tempted to try lash extensions , do yourself a favor and try this first.  You very well might decided that you do not need them after this!

Are there any products that always come through for you?
If so, please share!



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