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Happy April & Happy Friday!
We are officially out of winter, its really spring now.
Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. The trees have new leaves, the flowers have new buds, its simply lovely.
To me, this is also an ideal time for personal growth as well. The better you know yourself, they better you will be at motivating yourself. The more in tune you are with your authentic self, the happier you will be.

We all tend to have the knee jerk reaction "Of course I know myself."  Often though, once you start exploring this, you realize you know who you were conditioned to be, not who you truly are. We are conditioned by our families or origin, our teachers and our peer groups to be a certain way. Sometimes, what we are conditioned to be is in conflict with who we truly are. When this happens you are left feeling down with a low vibration.

From personal experience, I have learned that one of the absolute best ways to truly get in tune with my authentic, best self has been through journaling. Below are some of the prompts that I have used and found to be especially insightful.

Make a cup of coffee or tea. Sit in quiet in your favorite place. Use these prompts to get started, then just let your mind go. 
A few key points, this works better when written, not typed. I think its because your thoughts are going directly through you to the paper.
Also, there are no wrong answers. There is no wrong way to be. Do not every think "I should be more like that, I should think this is right." No, no, no, no. Your authentic self is beautiful. Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings are perfectly "right" as they are.    

  • List the people you'd like to weed out of your life
  • List all of the foods you'd eat if they were calorie free
  • List all of the times you said "yes" when you wanted to say "no'.
  • Write about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you.
  • List everything you want to do before you die
  • List all the ways you would change your life if you could do so by waving a magic wand.
  • List how you self sabotage yourself
  • Describe in detail when your perfect day would look like 
  • Write about your most prized possession, what is it and what makes it so special.

This is just a start, of course. You'll be surprised as to how much you will start to learn about yourself. Its almost as if you'll be meeting your new best friend.


Have a beautiful weekend!




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