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Happy Monday, Mes Amies!
How was your weekend?
Today is our monthly round up of the things that I have bought and a totally loving this month.

These are all things that I have purchased with my own money. They are all things that I would suggest to a friend.

As always we go left to right on first the top row then the bottom row . 
Lets make a start :)

I am blown away by this! It has the hold of a medium spray. Yet, you can not see or even feel it in your hair?! How does that happen?? I really don't know, but it does!

2) Sunflower 2-Piece Set

While its still too chilly to wear this now, I bought it once our vacation was booked.

Its so pretty and comfortable.  Its idea for hot summer days. 

3) Huda Beauty Microshade Brow  

Do you suffer from 90's brow? You are not alone, millions of us do.

90's brow is a condition that many of us who lived through the 90's are now forced to contend with. Back then, we plucked our blows to oblivion and now all these years later, we are still paying the price.

4) Tocca Florence

I normally don't "share" my perfumes. Scent is a personal thing. I don't want to smell like everyone else.

I'm such a sentimental sap though, I can't resist here.

So, 3 months into dating, Chad brought me to an extremely swanky restaurant.

It had bathroom attendants and a huge array of fragrances that were free for anyone to use.

I selected one and LOVED it. It was Tocca Florence. When I saw Sephora was carrying it, I had to have it #beautifulmemories

5) Amazon Sandals

These and the next item on this list are a "tale of 2 sandals" one pair which is pricy and one pair that is very affordable, yet both equally fabulous.

This is the affordable pair.

6) Tory Burch Patos Sandal  

Obsessed is all that I can say here. I LOVE these.

They are a small splurge, true. However, Tory's things hold up SO well. A very worthy investment.

That's all for today! Have a beautiful week, babes!



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