6 years, I'm blessed today to be marking 6 years of marriage to my darling husband.

Especially after this past year of covid and quarantine ,I'm even more confident in my belief that I'm married to the best guy ever.

I think back to that warm, sunny Saturday in May when we had our first date. 

I "knew" that this was very different than any other experience that I'd ever had with anyone before. I couldn't tell you how, but I knew that this was not like any other date that I'd been on before.

Before Chad, dating was mostly unpleasant. I think the expression "Its hard until its easy" fits here.

Being with this man has always been easy. He never once left me to worry about what his feelings or intentions toward me were.

This man would never, ever let anyone come in between us. This man ALWAYS puts the health & wellness of our union above all else.

This man loves me so wholly and without condition. He has never once used any of my short comings against me. He continually builds me up and has given me the grace to work toward becoming my best self. 

He spoils me in every sense of the word and lets me know that he's proud of me.
I've heard him bragging about my cooking, my work ethic, my compassion and my style. He is my biggest cheerleader.

My God, I do not know what I did to be so blessed to be his wife. I can only describe it as hitting the jackpot of life.
I cannot wait to celebrate us this weekend đŸ’“



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