Welcome to a new week, my loves!

Does the start of Daylight Savings Time have you feeling groggy?  So  far, I'm feeling great. However, I'm a morning person. Check in with me this afternoon 😜

Anyhow, I have MAJOR spring fever happening right now. I want all of the spring/summer things and I want them NOW.  However, I live in New England and its about 40 degrees. So, I have to be patient. Since I cannot wear any of these things yet, the next best thing is to share them with you!

Seriously...how adorable are these? I NEED them.

When I saw this, I immedicably thought of how perfect it would be for those early morning coffee runs and dog walks. I wake up well ahead of my hubby (4:30 am is my normal wake up time) . Having a one article of clothing to slip into without needing to pull the shades and be banging around is ideal.

Anything in a leopard print just sets me reeling. This skirt is no exception. It IS pricy, but I'd offset that by wearing it with a cheapie black tank top from Target.

Wayne Goss, my favorite MUA has been singing the praises of this foundation and featuring it in his videos. It makes skin look like skin, not as mask. As the weather warms, I lighten my makeup up big time.

This dress has "Free People" vibes without a Free People price tag. Plus, it looks like sunshine.

With my hubby now being this close to being vaccinated, my mind is already wandering to all of those fun date nights that are now just over the horizon.

Speaking in strictly hypothetical terms, of course.. These booties could at this very moment be on a FED-EX truck "Out For Delivery Today" . 😏

If that happened , I'd pair them with my favorite denim skirt and smocked top.  Of course, we are still talking in "hypotheticals".  Let's be real, no we are not. I'm getting them today.

Recently, I had ordered some replacement shampoo & conditioner. A sample of this fragrance was included in my order.  I was stooped my tracks by how lovely this is! Its the PERFECT summer scent.

So, there you have it. What's currently in my cart.

Do tell, what is currently in YOUR cart?!




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