Happy Wednesday my loves!

Its the first week in March and I've got spring fever!! 

I've talked before about how one thing I love about Golden Goose Sneakers is that they are something I can wear throughout all of the seasons. I LOVE my Golden Goose Sneakers. I have 3 pairs of them. I LOVE them. That said, they are stupidly expensive. However though, there are plenty of dupes out there. Dupes that look pretty close to the real deal.

With no further ado, lets see the GG dupes!

The first ones come in under $100!

These Vintage Havana look so much like Golden Goose sneakers its uncanny! You could buy 5 pairs of these for less than the price of one pair of Golden Goose.

These Madden Girl  sneaks are under $30! That means you could purchase 18 pairs of these for the price of one pair of GG's....WOW

These Steve Madden sneakers look like undistressed GG's They cost $60- which is 10% of a similar pair of GG's.

Lastly, we have These Metallic Sneakers  While I cannot say they are a super close dupe, they are still cute.

Would you wear any of these? Would you splurge on the real deal? Let me know!



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