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Happy Monday, Mes Amies!

Happy Spring! Yes, as of Saturday, it is now officially spring!! 

I was reading about what makeup trends are expected to be hot. I literally screamed in delight when I read  " Say good-bye to Instagram Face, natural beauty is back!"  

This couldn't happen soon enough in my book. I am so over and done with people thinking that they have to wear makeup so heavy and over done that they now don't even look like themselves. 
No thank you. We are beautiful as we are. We don't need to emulate some garish "real housewife of wherever" when it comes to out aesthetic.

Too Faced Cosmetics founder Jerrod Blandino just put a halt to a new beauty release that just a year ago he was beyond excited about.

Now isn’t the time for eye-popping pigment and major payoff, Blandino says. It’s about “products that allow you to be the best version of yourself,” he notes. “We want to look healthy with beautiful, natural skin. It isn't about covering up, but embracing self-love and self-acceptance.” In the interim, the party-ready pigment will stay benched.

So, what does this mean for us normal folks? It means makeup that makes you look like you. It means saying "good riddance and goodbye" to absurd amounts of under-eye concealer , heavy contour and overlined lips.

Covid-19 has made health the new "status symbol". Makeup trends are now becoming reflective of this.

So, how do you achieve this? Start with your foundation, or even better lack of if you can get away with it.
Look for light, sheer formulas. If your skin is mostly free from blemishes, try using just concealer and powder

Go for a low-key lash look. Skip the heavy mascara, extensions or glue-on lashes. 


When applying eyeliner, your objective should be to define your eyes, not to make a dramatic statement.
Forget the heavy winged liner that is done with a liquid liner pen. Instead, use a neutral colored eyeshadow on a liner brush to line your eyes.

For your lips, put the liner away! Put the heavy matte lipsticks with them. For this more natural trend, its all about sheer lipsticks that enhance the color of your natural lips, not entirely mask it.

Are you on board with the natural makeup making a comeback? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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