Happy Wednesday, Hunnies! How are you all today?

Today, I wanted to talk about skin care. Namely, I wanted to share my evening skin care routine with you. 

All throughout my 20's, I gladly spent my money on makeup. I didn't give skin care a thought aside from having facial cleanser on hand. Granted, I've been lucky enough to have never of had any major skin care concerns. Even as a teen, I would have an occasional pimple here and there, but that was the extent of it.

While I am grateful for that, it lured me into a sense of malaise when it came to skin care. You can get away with that in your teens and 20's. However, by the time your 30's and beyond come calling, you no longer have that luxury.

I've tried so many different products. Here is what I use now. All of these products have shown me proven results.

First things first, cleansing. 

Do not let anyone try to talk you into buying an expensive cleanser. Do not listen to them when they try to tell you how their cleanser will fight wrinkles, unclog pores or whatever else.

A cleanser is simply not on your skin long enough to do anything for your skin aside from cleaning it. When it comes to purchasing a facial cleanser you want something that is gentle & effective. 

After cleansing is where my routine really kicks in.

Every other night, I use DR. Goss Extra Strength Peel Pads  I cannot express enough how much I LOVE these. It sounds almost counter intuitive, but these have helped me fight my dry skin. They wipe away dead skin cells and oil. That is beneficial to everyone. Its extra beneficial for the absorption of your other products.

Next, its time for serums. I have a whole stable that I use. I have no set schedule for which one I use on any given night. I access my skin nightly and see what might be the best fit for that night. Some of my favorites are:

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil    / Pharma Face Honey Oil / Paula's Choice Niacinaimide

After I out on my serum, I apply my moisturizer. I've said it before, but my skin is SO dry. I need a very emollient moisturizer. My current favorite is Summer Friday's Jet-Lag mask (I wear it as a moisturizer)

Jet-Lag Mask

After that has fully absorbed, I apply my prescription retinol. "They Say" that it takes 6 months to see the full benefits of retinol. For me, its been 5 months. The results are astounding. My fine lines are gone, my pores look much smaller and the surface of my skin is so smooth and even.   

The retin is the last step in my nightly routine as far as skin care goes. However, each night I use nuLash serum. This lash serum is outstanding. It has made my natural lashes so thick and long. I'm so impressed with it .


Now, you tell me about your skin care rountine.



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