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Happy Monday and happy March!

Can you believe we have January & February behind us?! Hallelujah! 

Can you believe I made it here for a Monday post??  😅

Today, we are starting the month with a round up of a few things that I'm loving this month.

Normally, we do this roundup mid-month. However, I'm just so giddy to turn the page away from winter.😊

We'll be doing the top row first, bottom row second. Of course , left to right.

First up....

Orbie Imperial Blowout  Find It Here

Oh my.. this is the best blowout cream ever. It makes your hair so full and smooth. The shine that it adds, its unremarkable. Oh, and the way it smells-HEAVENLY.  I'm assuming this is what a billionaire's hair smells like. 

You know how cute you feel when you snag your hubby's shirt and wear it as a nightie? 

Well, this Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirt   Find It Here  is just like that, only better.

Its as roomy and darling as your hubby's shirt. However, instead of stiff cotton this one is in the softest jersey. Plus, you won't have to tell any little white lies when your hubby asks "have you seen my shirt?"

This Green & White Gingham Shirt Find It Here  is perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm not one to wear green. Truthfully, it just do not like green. I LOVE gingham though. This top lets me represent my Irish roots and have a top that I'll continue to wear long after the 17th.

Bottom Row

If there is one thing I love, its leopard print. Leopard print anything is good.

However, these Leopard Print Adidas Running Shoes Find Them Here

I'm straight up obsessed with these. I wear them constantly.

Last up, These Cap Toe Espadrille Flats  Find It Here

These look like they are Chanel . They are from Target though! I love how Target is always seems to have things that look like they are so much more expensive than what they are . These are no exception.

That's it! My March/ Spring Fever selections!

Have an awesome week!!



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